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Sandra Blabl

Weight loss starts with the mind! This advanced training aims at hypnotherapists/hypnocoaches interested in specializing in “weight loss and eating disorders”. A hypnosis training is presupposed.

Why should I take part in the advanced HypnoSlim® Training?
Today overweight (BMI > 25) ranks among the most common causes for physical and mental suffering in the western world (diabetes, cardiovascular, joints, depression, etc.). Across the globe there are more than 200 million men and almost 300 million women obese – mankind is growing bigger and bigger: since 1980 the number of obese people more than doubled. By now severe overweight and its consequences rank six among the worldwide greatest health risks. In 1990 it ranked tenth. According to studies only 20-30 % of the subjects successfully reduce their weight by 5 % on a permanent basis. Diets alone are often ineffective. Real solutions are required! Even eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating (eating attack disorder) are increasing. Up to 90 % of this group are women between the age of 15 and 35. These people frequently suffer years and decades, long-term psychotherapies are often ineffective. Real solutions are required! Hypnosis can provide this solution, embedded in a holistic approach. During the HypnoSlim® advanced training you learn everything that is necessary in order to successfully treat overweight and eating disorders and to free your clients from their suffering.

Details HypnoSlim® Training

Barbara Scholl

Barbara introduces participants to the fascinating work with children (approx. 4-16 years old) and imparts her broad expert knowledge as well as her exciting experiences. Working with children is especially joyful since you see and feel the rapid progress. Furthermore children often approach serious subjects in a playful way. From the start children learn to appreciate hypnosis and have an open and completely value-free attitude towards hypnosis. This is suitable for all hypnotherapists who like to work with children. During this training you learn how to deal with fears, bedwetting, learning and concentration problems, allergies, peer pressure, letting go, school problems, sport, bullying, processing separation and divorce, strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem, pains, traumata, sexual abuse, preparation for surgeries and dentist appointments, factually informing parents, deal with their expectations and manage the parents as well as eventually integrating them in the therapy, fascinate the children, how to become their ally, how to use regression (R2C) as a revealing tool, and much more.

Details HypnoKids® Training

Dr. med. dent P. Meyenberger

The training takes up two full days and includes general hypnosis and its application in the dental sector. The training is deliberately divided into twice two days sessions with an interval of one week in between. The first two days are dedicated to the safe learning of hypnosis. Already after the first two days you will be able to guide somebody into deep trance and out again. The time in between, until the second two days, is meant to practice what you learnt. In the last two days you will learn how hypnosis is integrated in the everyday business of a dentist’s office with a minimum effort leading to maximum benefit.

Details HypnoDent® Training

The HypnoDent® training is exclusively for dentists, dentist staff members, surgeons and anesthetist. For further requests.

Adrian Brüngger

On 27th May 2014: Adrian Brüngger was elected trainer of the year! During two exciting days Adrian Brüngger teaches various, valuable and proved techniques, methods and tricks to HypnoSport® participants. His successes with the top team Pfadi Winterthur handball but also many other athletes from different sports prove him right. He does not consider himself a long-term sport psychologist, but rather a short-term intervention specialist due to the fast results triggered by hypnosis which functions like a turbo change. The techniques can be used for teams and individual athletes. Adrian holds an official A-trainer certification and is qualified as professional high-performance sport trainer with a confederate certificate of expertise. Furthermore he is member of the competence team of the national Swiss handball team as well as speaker and member of the management board (CFO) of Hypnose.NET GmbH (Ltd.).

Details HypnoSport® Training