OMNI Hypnosis Training Center
All graduates of OMNI hypnosis training receive this certificate. It contains the name of a registered OMNI school (i. e. OMNI Hypnosis Training Center Munich) as well as the instructor’s name. Since April 2015 the certificate contains worldwide the ISO 9001 logo as a proof for the tested and certified quality of the OMNI education.

NBHEC – National Board of Hypnosis Education & Certification
(since 2016: IBHEC - International Board of Hypnosis Education & Certification)
This is the hypnosis organization founded by Jerry Kein (association).

NGH – National Guild of Hypnotists
The NGH is worldwide the oldest and biggest hypnosis organization. OMNI and NGH maintain a friendly relation coined by mutual respect and appreciation. The NGH repeatedly honored Jerry Kein and some OMNIs for their outstanding performances. Many OMNIs are involved and present at the worldwide biggest annual hypnosis convention taking place in Marlborough, USA (near Boston) at the beginning of August.



OMNI-Pin – After having completed the training, all participants additionally receive an OMNI Pin identifying them as successful graduates of the OMNI training. It is up to each participant to wear the Pin – many do so as they are proud to be OMNI graduates – part of the famous global “OMNI-Family” that is based on mutual support, help and friendship. Currently the OMNI-Pin is worn on 6 out of the 7 continents (except for Antarctica – but we are working on that…).

OMNI-Finder – the global platform where OMNIs can registered in order to be visible for potential clients. This unique platform currently notes an increasing number of visitors. OMNIs benefit from local and sometimes transregional or even international client requests.

OMNI-Online – we maintain exclusive online platforms with the purpose of mutual exchange. Different languages, different platforms – some on a local, others on a global basis.

OMNI-Network – The underlying idea is that orders, whenever it is possible and useful, are also placed within the OMNI community. If an OMNI owns a business or has special relations, it goes without saying that this option is – whenever possible – integrated into the own procurement process. If all parties involved agree, networking among OMNIs provides a great opportunity to help each other on the business level.