7 days of intensive training – directly afterwards you can successfully apply everything you learnt

ISO 9001 approved and certified training

NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) and NBHEC certificates included

OMNI-Finder – get found by potential clients directly after your hypnosis training

Exchange – we maintain exclusive online platforms for everyday exchanges and valuable networking

Worldwide network – you have access to the knowledge and experience of thousands of hypnotists

Repeating the training – you can repeat the whole week or single days at any location in the world to reasonable conditions

Meets the requirements of many further educations such as EMR/RME (Empirical Medicine Register) in Switzerland

Special conditions – OMNIs enjoy special conditions and priorities with respect to certain advanced trainings, events or products

First and so far only hypnosis training in the world certified in accordance with the strict criteria of SQS ISO 9001

On the market since 1979 – established, approved, respected and with a clear and secured order of succession for the future

Documents – training documents for OMNI students are complete, detailed and a valuable resource

Videos – over 120 technical videos & articles (Engl.) by and with Jerry Kein and Hansruedi Wipf are available to deepen or refresh the knowledge or as download

HypnoScience – we like to test the limits with our trainers and students and enjoy to help with the further development of hypnosis.

“Excellence in hypnosis” is our daily slogan. We live in compliance with that day-today and our clients feel that.

Business ethics & transparency – we are convinced that on the long term only those survive who do genuine work, do not take shortcuts, set themselves and their staff members high moral and ethical standards which they strongly believe in. That is what the overall global OMNI trainings crew stands for. We have ourselves measured accordingly by our clients and partners.

Part of the original – often copied, but never reached – OMNI is more than a training. It is a family, a philosophy, an attitude and for many it is often the gratification to be able to help people in an astounding way, to be involved and part of the team. The decision to become and remain part of the worldwide OMNI community is of course optional. Many like to do it due to the commonly friendly, positive and constructive exchange. We actively put this into practice. We offer a “home” and those who like to, are always welcome.

Tradition – we continue to live in accordance to the philosophy “everything is possible within one session” by Dave Elman and Jerry Kein and further build on that. We are proud of our hypnosis – DNA are also open for new developments and insights.