No other hypnosis training has a comparable range of participants. Coaches, therapists, doctors, dentists and psychologists are among the most frequent graduates. But OMNI also attracts people with many different backgrounds. Consultants, HR consultants, IT specialists - the reasons may be different, but all can confirm one thing:

The OMNI Hypnose education has brought them forward in both their personal and professional life!

Dr. med. dent. Ingo Voges – OMNI Alumni Nov 2012

100% ‘yes’ to anyone who asks if they should invest in this training.

I would like to share my experiences with all colleagues in dental medicine as well as other medical and non-medical disciplines who are potentially interested in hypnosis. I am not writing this during my initial euphoria, but a couple of months after completion of the OMNI training because I wanted to first implement what I had learned, and test the applicability and effectiveness for myself.

I would like to express my appreciation for Hansruedi Wipf, a wonderful man with the ability to teach all facets of hypnosis in such a playful and interesting way. In hindsight, I am glad that Hansruedi has no medical background, but rather a wealth of business and organizational experience coupled with his human qualities and his knowledge of hypnosis, acquired over decades. For me, hypnosis is not purely a medical discipline, but a universally applicable ‘tool’. I owe it to Hansruedi, a true hypnosis expert, for my entirely new perspective and broadened understanding of the subject, not only in my day-to-day work, but in my personal life as well.

Dr. med. Thomas P. Ricklin, FMH Chirurgie (Alumni April 2009)

I am convinced about this training, in particular because of its clear, direct and focused structure leading to qualification as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

I had been involved with hypnosis for quite some time, because it is something that interests me as a surgeon. I had read many books and attended some courses, but in the end, I was always disappointed. Rather accidentally I came across the OMNI Hypnosis course of Hansruedi Wipf.

To come to the point: It was amazingly good. For seven strenuous days, Hansruedi led us from being merely interested parties with little or no prior experience to become qualified hypnotists and hypnotherapists. The course – logical and tightly organized – is divided into individual chapters, from the modern (rapid) hypnosis induction to the demonstration of ‘Ultra-Height’. Theory is always followed by repetitive practical exercises. Already on the first evening, 8 out 10 participants were able to bring others into and out of a hypnotic state. On the second evening we were able to use flash hypnosis (from a few seconds up to 2-3 minutes). During the second part of the course we also discussed the hypnotic coma/Esdaile state), hypnotherapies, suggestions, regressions, ‘Ultra-height’, and much more.

Hansruedi was full of energy and persuasive power which he instilled in us with the repetition of the aim of hypnotherapy: ‘Regress to cause…… and fix it’.

As mentioned above, the participants were all quite different from each other. Some had little or no experience while others had some practical experience. In the beginning there were many questions, for example: ‘Is it possible to do or see things differently?’ Charming, but determined Hansruedi relegated such discussions to the pauses when there was more time for discussion.

Again – it is his declared aim to teach hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques according to Jerry Kein, within 7 days –something he achieves in a grand way!

Christoph Forrer
(Alumni October 2008)

I am especially successful when it comes to ‘hopeless cases’ where others have given up.

The OMNI Hypnosis course was the best I attended during the past 20 years. This course resulted in resounding success in practice. I am literally overrun by people! For the next 6 weeks I am completely booked.

The course resulted in a breakthrough for me. It is as simple as that. I am normally a critical and tough person, but the course is simply the best in the market when it comes to therapies and it is worth every penny.