Hypnose.NET GmbH


Hansruedi Wipf, CEO

Hansruedi Wipf, CEO


Adrian Brüngger, CEO

Hypnose.NET GmbH was founded in 2010 by Hansruedi Wipf and emerged from a one-man business in 2006.

Since 2015 Hypnose.NET GmbH is the owner of OMNI Hypnosis International as well as various other brands in connection with hypnosis training and further education. Hansruedi and Adrian are united by one thought: Top performance at the highest level.

Hansruedi worked for 16 years in various management positions in the German automotive industry in global purchasing.

Adrian was for seven years the CFO of two listed investment companies and holds various board of directors mandates. Together they stand for the professionalisation and establishment of hypnosis & hypnotherapy.